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My name is Russell Donnelly and I currently reside in a modest doublewide house in Presque Isle. I contracted with County Energy Solutions to put a 24-panel All Earth tracker on my back lawn. They managed to get it in under the wire so to speak this past December while the snow was beginning to fly, which was remarkable. I am now finding it one of the day's highpoints to check my production and compare it to similar installations. I was a little skeptical at first regarding their NREL estimate of what my tracker would produce, but figured that my goal was to get to a net zero carbon footprint. I presumed that over time as I replaced older appliances I would get to net zero, ultimately. However, this doesn't look to be much of a problem, since with the current invertor and optimizers I seem to be producing 20-25% more electricity per nameplate kW than the two commercial trackers. I estimate that this tracker will produce, through the entire year, over 13,000 kwh.  And this may be conservative. My biggest regret is that although the legislators in Augusta think New England is all one grid, I can't put two more trackers on my Maine land and offset my electricity usage in Massachusetts, where they pay currently $250 per solar renewable energy credit and electricity goes for ~ $.17 per kwh. I would definitely recommend this company, and also think this tracker, made at least in New England, is a positive step towards getting us off our fossil fuel addiction. I also heat this house with a mini-split heater, and drive a Chevy Volt.


Russell Donnelly

"I would definitely recommend this company."

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