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Home Resale Value

Solar panel installations will increase the value of your residence.  According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, for ever $1 in annual electrical savings that solar delivers, the property value of your home goes up another $20.

Benefits to the Environment

Solar produces electricity without noise or air pollution from a clean, renewable resource.

The US Department of Energy has some great resources.  Check out "A Consumer's Guide: Get Your Power from the Sun."

What is the actual performance of a solar system? 

- measured by operational wattage used?

This will depend on the size of your system, and how much energy you need, versus what is produced by your solar system and what you are getting from you utility.

You can monitor your energy production with a web based dashboard like the one at County Energy Solutions (click here to see ours)

Mounting Options:

Fixed Ground-mounted
Pole-mounted Tracker

Types of systems:

Grid-Tied Systems

Off-Grid Systems

Grid-Interactive PV Systems

Want to do some independent research?

Todd Maynard, CEO
Master Electrician, Certified Installer  

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Dan Ayoob, CFO and Sales
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Tips for getting started.

Make a list of questions.

And have answers if you can.

  • Will solar save me money?
  • How much sunlight exposure do I have?
  • How many hours of sunlight does my area get?
  • What are the advantages of a roof mount or ground mount system?
  • Is my roof structurally sound?
  • What is my roof made of?

Are you considering solar electricity?  Don't know where to start? 

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology produces energy that is reliable, pollution-free, and cost-effective.  Generating your own power doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming.  We will help you understand your needs, and aid you in selecting the best fit for your solar endeavor that will provide you with the most savings.